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Jeannette Lucraft's Book Out In Paperback!

Katherine Swynford: History of a Medieval Mistress


Jeannette Lucraft's book on Katherine Swynford, the first full length book on her to be published, is now out in paperback. Katherine emerges from this ground breaking historical biography as a powerful figure in the politics of fourteenth-century England, an example of how a woman could manipulate the social mores of the time for her own interests.
"Realizing that there are not enough details for a full biography of Katherine Swynford, mistress and then wife of John of Gaunt in the fourteenth century, Lucraft instead investigates Katherine's history: not just the details of her life, but her place in her times."
Jeannette Lucraft is a graduate of the University of Huddersfield, where she was awarded a first class history degree. She lives in West Yorkshire.

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